Discover the spirit of Umbria and its relaxing atmosphere, rich of culture and spirituality.

Experience Umbria and its authentic character.

Taste the traditional cooking and the typical local products: wine, olive oil, salami, cheese, mushrooms and truffles.

Visit its ancient villages, the squares, the churches, the museums, the colourful local markets.

Admire the marvellous natural countryside and the unforgettable sunsets over the cultivated fields,  the sweet hills covered by olive groves and vineyards and onTrasimeno Lake.

Between Rome and Florence, Umbria "The green hearth of Italy" is the ideal place to do excursions also in Tuscany, Le Marche and Latium.

It is possible to organize holidays in Umbria all the year round.

Summer offers a variety of cultural, musical and gastronimic events, many connected to ancient local traditions.

Umbria is very relaxing in Spring,. Autumn and Winter: the colours of nature are very suggestive and particularly.... there are our special offers!