The booking is made with Agrilife Turismo Rurale S.r.l. (then called Agrilife) on behalf of the owner of the property, on the rates indicated in the web-site

The client’s signature on the “Booking Contract” with Agrilife means the acceptance of the following booking conditions.



Bookings are done through Agrilife: the client may contact it  by telephone, fax or e-mail to require previous availability of the house he/she likes and eventually  to have an option on it.

The client has to  confirm or to cancel the option within the date indicated from Agrilife, otherwise the option will be automatically cancelled.

If the client wants to confirm the booking, Agrilife will send him/her  the booking contract; the client has to send it back to Agrilife via e-mail and within 2 days and with his/her signature on it, along with the payment of a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the booking.

The balance must be paid within 45 days prior to the arrival day.

For bookings confirmed  by the client within 45 days from the arrival day, Agrilife will send the booking contract and the client, within 2 days, has to sign it and send it back to Agrilife via e-mail, along with the payment of the total amount of the booking.

The payments must be done:

By bank transfer and in this case Agrilife will inform the clients about the bank details in the booking contract.

Upon receipt of the balance Agrilife will send to the client the Agrilife-Card (accommodation voucher) with all the details of the property and the booked services, along with the Agrilife-Map with the driving instructions to easily reach the property  reserved.

All Agrilife properties have fantasy names. In the final booking documents will be indicated the real name of the property, its complete address abd the telephone number of the keyholder.



Weekly rates  and week-end rates indicated in the website  are in Euro and are valid for the period indicated below.

Rates include always bed/bath/kitchen linen  per person with weekly change and the water.

It is clearly indicated in the price list  of each property  the extra costs that are due locally (electricity, gas, final cleaning, internet use) and they will be deducted from the refundable deposit.

Heating, firewood and final cleaning for pets are always extras to be paid locally.

Special offers and last minute cannot be  combined and are valid only for the number of persons and for the periods indicated in the tariffs “Special offer” and “Last minute”.



If the client wants to change the property  already reserved or the period of the stay, he will be charged of all the cancellation penalties  and the loss of the booking fee.

If the client, for any reason,  has to cancel his/her  booking, he/she can be substituted by other persons and  he  has to inform soon Agrilife, by telephone, fax or e-mail. In case of substitution with other clients Agrilife will send   them new documents and the first client will be charged of euro 50,00 for extra expenses.



Agrilife is not responsable for any illegal, expired or not valid document of the client (Passport, Identity Card, Visa, medical certificate, vaccination) which may be the motive for cancellation or curtailment of the client’s journey or holiday.



On arrival at the property all the clients have to give to the owner or to the keyholder their valid  documents (Passport or Identity Card) along with  the  Agrilife Card (accommodation voucher) to be registered.

On receipt of the keys, the client has to pay the owner or the keyholder a deposit in euro in cash, whose amount is indicated in the descriptions of the properties in the web, in the booking contract and on the voucher.

The deposit will be refunded on departure, previous deduction of any damage caused by the client to the property and the extra costs not included in the rental price and to be paid locally: they are clearly indicated in the description in the web, in the booking contract and on the voucher.

The owner or the keyholder  may refuse  to give the client the keys of the booked property  if the refundable deposit is not paid  locally by the client.

Agrilife has no responsibility in case of discussion between the client and the owner about the refundable deposit.



Only the number of persons indicated in the booking contract and in the voucher are allowed to enter in the reserved property.

If during the stay extra persons will arrive in the property, anyway  no more than the maximum number  of beds available, the owners and Agrilife must  be informed in advance.

All the clients have to give the owner their documents to be registered.

The total number of beds (adults and children) indicated in the description of the property  must be respected  and clients cannot be more than the maximum number specified.

In the descriptions  are always indicated if extra beds are available.

Persons under 18 years old cannot rent any of Agrilife properties unless together with an older person.

Tents and caravans are not permitted in any of our properties, for any reason.



All the bookings are done for a minimum  weekly stay from Saturday to Saturday.

Arrival: 17.00/20.00.   

Bookings for less than one week or  with arrival dates different from Saturday, must be agreed  with Agrilife before the confirmation of  the booking. 

Arrivals after 20.00 must be agreed at the time of booking. Arrival after 23.00 will be charged of euro 50,00 to be paid locally.

Agrilife is unable to guarantee access to any property after 20.00 with no previous agreement .

If, for emergency reasons only (traffic or flight delay),  the day of arrival the client cannot  reach the reserved property within the times indicated here and in the voucher, he/she has to contact Agrilife as soon as possible at the numbers indicated on the map.

Please note that  Agrilife will not give any assistance by telephone Monday-Friday after 18.00 and Saturday after 20.00.



The day of departure, clients have to leave the property betwenn 7.00 and 10.00. Departures before 7.00 must be agreed with Agrilife or the owner minimum 4 days before and will be charged euro 50,00 to be paid locally.

The owner or the keyholder  arrive at the property before the departure to check the house and give back to the client the refundable deposit . All the extra expenses to be paid locally,  indicated in the booking contract and in the voucher , along with all the damages done by the clients will be deducted from the deposit.



On arrival the client will find the properties cleaned. It is indicated in the descriptions of the property if the final cleaning is included in the rental price or if the client has to pay it on departure, and the price.

In some properties is requested a minimum amount  for final cleaning .

In all the properties that accept  pets, clients have to pay locally euro 20 for extra final cleaning for pets, per each pet.

It is absolutely forbidden to all type of pets to enter in the pools.

Agrilife asks the client to leave the houses in good hygienic conditions  and  not to move the furniture.

It is forbidden to leave the rubbish inside and outside the houses,  both during the stay and on departure.

If on departure of the client the owners will have to take out the rubbish, the client is charged of an extra cost of euro 50,00 per stay.



The owner or a gardener have free access to the properties, also during the stay of the client, to work in the garden, to clean the swimming-pools and the tennis courts.

On arrival, the client will be informed of times and days when those services are done.



In case of cancellation of the  confirmed booking for a property published in the web  the client will pay the following penalties:

-   30% of the total rental price (deposit already paid at the booking confirmation) if the cancellation  is received by  Agrilife  till 45 days prior to the arrival date;

-   50% of the total rental price  if the cancellation is received by Agrilife within 44 and 30 days prior to the arrival date;

-   70%  of the total rental price if the cancellation is received by Agrilife within 29 and 15 days prior to the arrival date;

-  90% of the total rental price if the cancellation is received by Agrilife within 14 and 7 days prior to the arrival date;

-  100% of the total rental price if the cancellation is received by Agrilife within  6 days prior the arrival date or in case of no show of the clients the day of arrival.

 In case of cancellation of the booking, if the client asked, signed and paid to Agrilife a Cancellation Insurance,

the insurance premium is not refundable.


It may happens that Agrilife is not able to  provide the clients the property reserved for  any reasons  beyond its control or for  force majeure. In these cases Agrilife will inform soon the client to offer him/her an alternative property with similar characteristics and rental price.

When the client receives the alternative he/she  has two possibilities:

a) To accept the alternative property offered by Agrilife, at the same rental price of the first property  booked.

In this case the client cannot ask any extra reimbursement.

If the alternative property has a higher price than  the property already reserved, Agrilife will pay the difference in the rental price. 

If the alternative property has a lower price than the property already reserved, Agrilife will reimburse the clients of the difference in the rental price.

b) To not accept the alternative property: in this case  Agrilife will reimburse totally the client of the amount already paid and the booking fee and the client cannot ask any extra reimbursement to Agrilife neither about the house reserved nor for any cancellation  charges  for travel arrangements he/she has to pay.



Each property in the web has been carefully checked from Agrilife.

Agrilife  has no liability in case of any changes done by the owners in the properties  after  this check and without giving information to Agrilife.

For any problem during the stay , the client  has to inform soon Agrilife (office times are Monday/Friday 10.00-13.00 / 14.00-17.00) or the owner, to solve them soon.

Agrilife  will give no rembursement  to client that arrives later than the arrival day of the booking or in case the client will interrupt the holiday and abandone the property in advance respect  to the departure day without  any notice  to the owner or to Agrilife.

All complaints must be sent to Agrilife in a written way (letter, fax or e-mail) within 7 days from the end of the stay. After this time Agrilife will no answer to any complaint.



Any discussion about these booking conditions is under the jurisdictions of the Court in Perugia-Italy.



Agrilife Turismo Rurale S.r.l. is insured for liability according to the current laws with:


FONDO DI GARANZIA: AIAV "IL SALVAGENTE" Soc.Coop a.r.l. Torino - Policy 2024/1-0127 for cancellation of turistical packages and services.

Anyway it is client’s responsibility  to have a personal health and cancellation insurance.



 Agrilife Turismo Rurale S.r.l. - ON LINE TRAVEL AGENCY – 06127 Perugia - ITALIA





C.F. and P.IVA 01983360544 

C.C.I.A.A. Perugia n.17184  Reg.Trib.Perugia n.24602

Licence of Travel Agency issued by  Regione Umbria n.588 del 3.11.1997.

Licence of ON LINE TRAVEL AGENCY - Determinazione dirigenziale n.5467 dated 07.06.2021

This programme has been published  in respect to the local law L.R.Umbria n.8 del 10.7.2017

This programme is valid from 07.01.2024  to 31.12.2024


It is possible to rent all Agrilife properties, for accommodation only, both  to  individual clients and to small groups.

In case the client would ask extra services  that joined to the accommodation will offer an “all  inclusive package”, they are organized under the D.L.21 May 2018 n.62.