Before we publish them in our web,  we personally visited and selected all our properties.

Those “holiday homes” are normally equipped for the needs of a brief stay; they are different each other for their position, furniture and services; we offer both simple houses and more elegant houses.

All the kitchens and kitchen corners have a  gas stove top  (it is indicated if there are electric tops), a sink and a fridge.

In the internal description of the house is indicated  when there are : washing machine, dishwasher,  freezer, oven, microwave oven, tv, satellite tv, dvd, stereo hi/fi.

Small household appliances are not indicated and they are present in the house according to the owner’s decision.

It is forbidden to move the furniture and to remouve the curtains.


In the general description of the house are indicated the sizes of the pools, the depht, the water treatment (with clorus or salt)  and the periods  they are open.

The use of the pool in different periods must be requested by the client  before the booking confirmation: the difference in price must be  also agreed with Agrilife.

The owner or another person  will clean the pool: on arrival the client will be informed about the times and days of this service.

Persons not authorized  and pets cannot use the pools.



All the properties are prepared  before  the beginning of the season but the gardens need to be cared during all the year.

The owner or another person have free entrance to the property to do gardening also during the client’s stay. On arrival the client will be informed about the times and days of this service.



Each property is equipped with bed linen, bath linen (3 towels per person) and kitchen linen.

The linen change is done on Saturday, generally in the morning.

The owners don’t change the beds: they only give the clients the clean linen and take away the used linen.

It is specified in the general description of the property if there are pool towels, if they are included in the price or if they have to be paid locally.



DOUBLE BEDROOM   means a bedroom with a double bed  170-190 cm. wide.

TWIN BEDDED ROOM means a bedroom with two single beds each 80-90 cm. wide.

It is indicated in the description when beds cannot be joined.

FRENCH BED means a single bed 120-140  wide.



It is indicated in the description if in the property there are a cot, a babybed or and  an highchair.

Clients have to require them at the time of the booking confirmation.



In Italy  the voltage for electric appliances is 220volts and the price  for energy is higher than in other countries.

In those properties where elecricity has to be paid locally, we suggest the clients to check the counters and their consumptions during their stay.

According to the electric system of some properties it is not possible to use at the same time more than one electrical appliance (oven + dishwasher...) because the emergency supply of electricity will stop.

In the propeety where electricity consumption is included, IT IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN TO RECHARGE ELECTRIC CARS OR OTHER THINGS.



The use of the water is included in the price.

On summer in Italy there are high temperatures: for this reason it is possible that the water supply will be interrupted  from the water companies for some hours both during day and night.

Many properties have water deposits or private wells: we please the clients anyway to use the water carefully to avoid problems during the stay, particularly on summer when it is very dry.



The wood both for fireplace and barbecue must be paid locally and according to use.

The heating is not included in the price. Normally there is a counter to check the consumption; but in some properties there is a daily price for heating already established.

Please note that in Italy the use of the heating  is regulated  by the law and permitted from the local Authority only in some periods (generally from mid October to the end of April).



In most of the properties it is possible to use a barbecue: it can be of different sizes,  built in a special place or to be moved. Agrilife indicates only if in the property there is a barbecue.

The small pieces of charcoals are not in the house: clients have to buy them at the supermarket.

For emergency reasons, in some periods of the summer particularly hot and dry,  it is possible that the use of the barbecue will be forbidden by the local Authority. In this case clients will be informed soon by the owners and they cannot use the barbecue.

If clients use the barbecue when it is forbidden, then they have to pay a penalty in case of a control from the local Authority.

Agrilife or the owners are not responsible and clients cannot ask a reimboursement for this reason.



It is indicated in the description if the house has an air conditioning system  and mosquito nets.

We remind to guests in villas with air co, to shut all the windows while the air co system is in function.



On arrival clients will find all the properties completely cleaned and ordered.

In some properties clients have to pay locally the final cleaning, sometimes with a minimum amount: those amounts will be deducted from the refundable deposit.

Extra cleaning during the week, laundry  and ironing services must be requested, if available,  before the booking confirmation: clients have to agree the prices  with Agrilife and then  will pay them locally.



Any rubbish can be leaved in the houses or in the gardens during the stay and on departure.

On arrival theowners will show the clients where they have to put the rubbish.



Some properties accept pets but MAX 1 per stay.

It is clearly indicated if pets are not allowed, if only small pets  are allowed on request.

In the properties that accept pets an obligatory final extra cleaning for pets of euro 20,00 to be paid locally is requested.

At the time of the booking confirmation the client has to specify the breed, the size and the number of pets.

It is forbidden the entrance of all the pets in the pools.

Pets cannot sleep and seat on/in  beds, sofas and chairs.



To book a holiday house in the countryside, far from the towns and the traffic doesn’t mean to have the guarantee of the total silence.

Most of our properties are near small villages or cultivated fields: it is possible that from the rented property clients can hear the noises connected with the country activities or the animals that live in the farms nearby.

Also the bells of the churches in the villages may ring in different times. In our descriptions we indicate the churches with a belfry  only if they are attached or at a few meters from the house we rent.



Most of our properties in Umbria are reachable by  not asphalted  country roads, whose conditions can vary in case of a lot of rain or when country track pass on them

In the general description of the house it is indicated if the country road to reach the house has particular characteristics and how long they are.

Most of the roads that conduct to the properties are public roads, so the owners grant a good maintenance of the conditions of the roads only inside their property.

Agrilife is not responsable for any damage caused to clients and cars from countryroads.



Some properties have internet connection, it can be included in the rate or to be paid locally.

Internet use is optional: in the properties where it is to be paid locally, clients have to require its use and password on arrival. The weekly amount for internet use will be paid by the refundable deposit on departure.

Internet with fast speed is not guaranteed and if clients need a fast internet connection to work during their holidays, we suggest them to reach a professional internet point.

Usually internet connection is fast enough for checking e-mails, whatsapp service or searcing in internet but not for watching online programs, videos or navigation on demand with payment.

In case of problems with internet connection, clients have to inform soon the owner.

It is not possible to complaint about internet connection on departure.

All adults are personally responsible for a proper use of internet service (and also for all the children under 18 years old using it) and cannot enter childabuse, lottery, terrorism and dangerous websites in general.



To help the clients to easily find the house they have rented, Agrilife gives them a detailed written map that clients have to follow very well; on this map it is indicated the  Agrilife mobile number for emergency calls  (available from April to October only on Saturday 9.00-12.00 and 15.00-20.00).

If clients would like to use satellitar systems to find the property,  it is easy they will loose the way because those systems sometimes don’t find small villages and country roads.

In this case  Agrilife will not grant the assistance to reach the properties.



In the general description of the house, it is specified if there is a special offer price, in which period it is valid, the maximum number of persons that can stay in the house with the offer price and if the house can be partially or totally used.

Extra costs to be paid locally are indicated in each offer. Heating is not included in the rates.



Last minute rates are valid only from the date of their publication and only for the periods still available.

They cannot be added to periods already booked and cannot be joined to other special offer rates and discounts.

Extra costs to be paid locally are indicated in each last minute rate. Heating is not included in the rates.



Short break rates are valid only from the date of their publication and only for the period indicated in each offer.

They cannot be added to periods already booked and cannot be joined to other special offer rates or discounts.

Extra costs to be paid locally are indicated in each offer. Heating is not included.



A local tourist tax called "tassa di soggiorno" might apply for the guest´s stay in our properties.

Depending on the type of licence of the property the cost vary from € 0,50 to € 5,00 per person per night  and

it is applied for a max of 7 days.

Children till 12 years old and disabled persons don´t pay it.

It must be paid locally to the owners and IN CASH.