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In Umbrian cookery tradition the week before Easter, normally on Holy Thursday or Friday, at the end of Lent fast, people prepare the typical  "torta di Pasqua" with cheese. Originally it was cooked in piece of crockery, today in  aluminium.

Its receipt is very ancient and in Umbria obtained the title P.A.T. (a traditional original product)

"Prepare Torte" is a custom that sets every year in a lot of Umbrian families. It means also stay togheter to prepare this specialty: to break eggs, to cut and to grate cheese, to hand knead all the ingredients, to check carefully the rise and then the cook.

Finally, on Easter morning, traditionally people prepare the breakfast with the food blessed on Holy Friday: the "cheese torta", the boiled eggs and the pork products; all with a good glass of red blessed wine.

If then will remain some cheese torta it is very good also for a pic-nic on Easter Monday!


700 gr. flavour

180 ml. milk

50 ml. di olive oil

25 gr. di butter

4 eggs

40 gr. yeast


100 gr. grated parmesan cheese

100 gr.  pieces of gruyere

75 gr. grated roman pecorino

Put the flavour  as a fountain and then put inside the eggs, the salt, the olive oil and the butter.

Put the yeast in the  tepid milk, then put it with the other ingredients.

Then add the gruyere and the other cheese.

Put some buttewr in a high pan and then put inside the paste  till the half of it. Leave it to rise for about 1 hour; then, when the torta is raised the double, it is ready to be cooked.

Put it into the oven and cook it at 180° temperature for about 40 minutes.

Remouve it from the oven and take it out from the pan: then leave it to become cold.

The ingredients fo Torta di PasquaHow to hand knead all the ingredients.The torta di Pasqua before to rise.The Torta di Pasqua  after the rise.Cooking the Torta di Pasqua in the woodden oven.Cooking the Torta di Pasqua in the woodden oven.The Torta di Pasqua  just cooked.The Umbrian breakfast on Easter day.

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